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Salvador Gata, born in Santiago de Cuba, has the power of clairvoyance since childhood as his grandmother Laura Carbonell was also an excellent spiritual medium and visionary. Born with the gift to see beyond the obvious due to his cultural background and the spiritualism of his family. Salvador attended spiritual gatherings at a very early age experiencing the spiritual force and developing his talent throughout the years.

Supporting the family tradition his father Santiago Gata, who lives in Miami, has over 50 years of experience as a Santero, a very well respected master in Santeria. Salvador has lived in Puerto Rico after leaving his beloved Cuba to end up in California USA. Salvador's prestige relies on his large clientele which gives him its recognition as the best.

National Geographic Magazine has featured Salvador's work at Botánica El Indio while doing a cleansing to a French client on a famous Sunset Strip article (click here to view article). Also, the popular Hispanic-American TV Show Primer Impacto (Univision) invited Salvador to perform a massive spiritual cleansing with Yemaya in Malibu Beach, California during the 80's.